Prescription weight loss; Two out of three individuals in the United States are considered to be either overweight or obese per government criteria.  Dieters will make 4 to 5 attempts a year to lose weight.  80% of dieter will try and loss weight on their own without medical assistance by decreasing sugar and changing food intake.  Unfortunately there can be other causes for this weight gain. 

Often we find that it’s not the obvious, but the unobvious that is causing weight gain.  Through advanced testing Truly You can better guide and assist you with your weight lose goals.  Knowledge is certainly power. You have nothing to lose but pounds and inches!  

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Our weight loss services:

HCG (30 day supply) - $299*

Prescription Medications -$199*

Lipotropics - (Titanmax Lipolean, Lipoblast) - $99 for 10 shots

* physician consult required


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